Nail Tips and Tricks

     Hi, I’m a new author, and I am very, very excited to be an author on Joanneblogueuse! I will be writing out my own content (I claim NONE of these tips, tricks, ec.t.), rather than posting links. I hope you enjoy this as much as me! And without further ado, my first blog entry!!!!

Nail Tips and Tricks:

  • Glitter

    – dab, don’t paint

    – If the glitter is one single color, paint on the closest color beforehand.

  • Tape

    – Use tape to divide up your nail

    – Be careful!!! Yes, tape helps with straight lines while designing, but you need to use a weak tape (duct tape will RUIN your nail polish) and make sure the polish youre trying to cover (so you don’t paint on it) is completely dry! Maybe even wait a day (if you are a bit paranoid)!

  • If you have a color that doesn’t seem as vibrant on nail, than in bottle, you can:

    Apply a crazy number of layers (waste of nail polish), or,

    -Apply about 2 layers of white, then 1 or 2 of the preferred color.

  • Designer tools

    – Use items from your own household for a dotting tool! Push pin/nails, pencil eraser, Q-tip, ect.

    – Use a tiny paintbrush for plain drawing on your nails. To clean, either wash out the polish right after you use it, or, I guess you could use nail polish remover to wash it out (haven’t tried it)

    Supposedly, if you hold your already polished nail above steam, it will turn matte, meaning, not shiny. Don’t hurt yourself. Also, if you try it and you are successful, please share in the comments section!

Happy Polishing!!!


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